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Orange is loaded with the things that your body needs to stay strong day in and day out.Just look at all the vitamins and nutrients that drinking a glass of 100% pure Valencia orange juice gives you.

Navel Oranges

A navel orange is a special Type of orange which has a little surprise inside once it is peeled . A partially formed undeveloped fruit like a conjoined twin, located at the blossom end of the fruit.
This particular variety of orange is juicy & sweet, with minimum to no seeds.

Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges are the most widely planted orange variety in the world.It originated in either Spain or Portugal.It was introduced to Florida in 1870 .Valencia fruit are medium large, commercially seedless, with a thin peel.It has set the standers to which other round oranges use as comparison.


Range :42-48-56-64-72-80-88-100-113-125

40 HC reefer container load

N.W / carton 15 KGS – N.W / container 24 MTS

N.W / carton 15 KGS – N.W / container 19.5 MTS

No. of Units

1600 telescopic cartons / 20 pallets / 80 carton per pallet

1300 open top cartons / 20 pallets / 65 carton per pallet

Bulk vessel load 70 cartons / pallet N.W / carton 15 KGS  - N.W / pellet  1050 KGS


6- dec to march


5- feb to may