Red Onion

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We are specialized in the export of premium quality of both golden & red onions.
Most researchers agree the onion has been cultivated for 5000 years or more.
Since onions grew wild in various regions, they were probably consumed for thousands of years and domesticated simultaneously all over the world. Onions may be one of the earliest cultivated crops because they were less perishable than other foods of the time, were transportable, were easy to grow, and could be grown in a variety of soils and climates.


Nets 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg

Jumbo bags 1250 kg

40-60 mm / 60 – 80 mm / 80 – 100 mm

No. of Units

130 nets 10 kg / pallet

52 nets 25 kg / pallet

26 – 30 nets 50 kg / pallet

1 jumbo bags / pallet


Golden Onion

10- jan to May-10

Red Onion

7- may to december
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