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We specialize in growing Spunta, Diamant and Mondial sorts of potatoes.our yearly production capacity is around 30 thousand tons.Our main export markets are Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwiat, Tunisie, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Croatia, South Africa, Netherlands and Albania.Because we are vertically integrated growers, we do our own harvesting, weighing, quality control at the dock of the station, cleaning, brushing, drying, sizing, sorting and packaging.


7 , 10, 20 , 25 kg

1250 kg pallet / jumbo bags

No. of Units

179 PP bags 7 kg / pallet

125 PP bags 10 kg / pallet

63 PP bags 20 kg / pallet

50 PP bags 25 Kg / pallet


8- december to june


ISO 22000

ISO 9001

Global Gap


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