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We  deliver grapes that are distinguished with high taste and elegance, Grapes variety are served to the various markets each according to their preference and taste. Grapes range from white to red and from seedless to seeded. All products are GlobalGap and ISO 22000 certified.


10 punnets X 500 g in carton boxes 5 kg

6-9 carry bags in carton boxes 4.5 kg

13-17 carry bags in carton boxes 9 kg

Superior & flame 15 mm up

Sizes Thompson & Crimson 15 mm up

Red Glop 22 mm up

No. of Units

120 boxes 5 kg / pallet

180 boxes 4.5 kg / pallet

80 boxes 9 kg /pallet

White Seedless Availability

3- 15 june to 15 july

Red Seedless Availability

4- june to 15 sep

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