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Strawberries are grown at Salman Group under an integrated crop management system.
In order to avoid unnecessary handling; a large proportion of strawberries are field packed and then transferred to the pre-cooling and cold stores facilities at the soft fruit packhouse facility at Salman Group which is ISO-22000, ISO 9001 and Global Gap certificated.


10 punnets  X  250 g in carton boxes 2.5 kg

8  punnets   X  250 g in carton boxes 2 kg

12 punnets X  400 g in carton boxes 4.8 kg

No. of Units

170 boxes   2.5  kg  / pallet

260 boxes    2    kg  / pallet

85    boxes  4.8   kg  / pallet



1- 11 november to 29 april


ISO 22000

ISO 9001

Global Gap




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